Sunday, August 15, 2010

15mm Sci Fi Tank Garage

Hi, folks. I've been casting a lot of Hirst Arts bricks for a numer of projects and made a little tank garage/repair facility for our 15mm SciFi stuff. Really simple design and easy to build. I gave it some blast type doors at either end to make it sort of a "Ro-Ro" design (roll in/roll out). The roof lifts off. It's based on mdf. I tried something new with the detailing. I bought one of those fine tipped Nail Art pens at Walmart and tried it out to blackline some of the detail. It worked really well but didn't last very long for $7. I also got a red and blue one. The red was gloppy and didn't work nearly as well as the black. Haven't tried the blue yet. Anyway, back on track. I used a Rebel Minis 15mm Earth Force Marine for size reference. Here's mo' pics:

In the picture above there is what is supposed to be a force field door represented by the green plastic. Unfortunately, it has a piece of blue masking tape I used to protect during painting which I can't get off. I'm going to try some "Goo-Gone" adhesive remover. Maybe that will fix it.

Anyway, thanks for looking. And C&C welcome :)


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