Friday, October 21, 2011

Proxie Models Rock!

Hey, everyone. Just came home from another longshitty day at work and saw this . How cool is that? I'm rejuvenated. :) Thanks, Ken. I can't wait to see what you come up with. You made my day.

Other stuff: going to post some pics of my son Stephen's Dwarf Treasure Hunter Mordheim Warband and Mark's Chaos Possessed. Maybe tomorrow.

Thank for looking.


Friday, October 14, 2011

15mm Ruined Temple

Hi, everyone. I took some pics of my ruined temple. The lower half is made from 10 pieces of Proxie Models Gothic Buildings, 4 door pieces and 6 wall pieces. The roof and upper half is scratchbuilt from cereal box card, craft sticks, some Decorflex brick wall, and corrugated wood from MicroMark. Based on a piece of vinyl tile.
Pic above is the front view. Double-tailed Comet was printed out from a google search.

Pic below is a side view. Showing the ruined roof. The roof piece is removable. I may make another non-ruined more techy roof to use in Sci-Fi gaming.
 Pic below is more of an aerial view showing a little of the interior and the steeple top with an archer in place. 
 Pic below is an aerial view from the front.
 Well, there it is. I may still add some floors for the different levels. These Proxie Models Gothic Buildings are pretty nice and versatile, and certainly affordable. Thanks for looking.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

15mm Mordheim Ruin Update

Hi, folks. I got the bases of the Proxie Models 15mm Ruins done. I used some thick card for the tiles, cut into irregular squares. I decided to paint most of them in different checkerboard colors. I likes me some colors on my table.  :) Then sanded and flocked.

There you have it. Pretty much done. I may add some vines and signs but they're playable now. Thanks for looking.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Painted 15mm Ruins

Hi, folks. I painted and based some of the Proxie Models 15mm ruins. Just drybrushed a variety of colors. These babies drybrush up very well. The detail is deeply incised so it's hard for even someone as hamfisted as me to screw them up. There is a surprising amount of detail on these, especially on the 15mm Corner Ruins and 15mm Ruined Brick Building sets. Not only do they have nice exterior brickwork with detailed window frames, broken brick and bullet holes, they even have nice detail on damaged interior walls. The detail on the Gothic Ruins is pretty much limited to the outside, but it there, just not as pronounced or intricate as is seen on the prior two. Now if Proxie Models would make some Half-timber models, I'd get them in a heartbeat. Anyway, nuff said - pics.

 Pic above shows Gothic building and corner ruin side by side.
 Pic above shows some of the exterior detail (note the window frames and bullet holes) and the interior detail on the piece in the background. Note the damaged interior walls.

 Pic above shows some of the interior detail.

 Pic above shows the Gothic Building with door piece detail.
 Pic above is a side view. This piece was made from door pieces. Each set has 2 door pieces and two wall pieces without doors.

 Back view. The model has a nice integral ledge to support flooring. (Not provided)

I think painting these pieces has really helped bring out the excellent level of detail Ken of Proxie Models brought to these pieces. Thanks for looking. 

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

15mm Mordheim Building Ruins WIP

Hi, folks. I've been working on some ruins for a 15mm Mordheim board. I'm using Proxie Models ruins and buildings. I've got 4 each of the 15mm Corner Ruins, Ruined 15mm Brick Buildings, and 15mm Gothic Buildings. These are great little models at an excellent price. If you haven't checked him out yet, you should cruise over there if you like sturdy, beautifully detailed models at a way-low price. I'm using them now for Mordheim, but I think they'd be great for just about any era.

Enough yakking - pics:

 Pic above side view of the board. The street tiles are from Fat Dragon Games. The big building with the broken roof is made from 10 of the Proxie Models 15mm Gothic Building pieces.
 Pic above view from another angle.
 And another angle shot. The big building center view is going to represent a ruined cathedral/temple.
 Pic above is one of the Proxie Models 15mm Gothic Buildings which I ruined with a pair of tin-snips. The plastic is very strong so the tin-snips worked a lot better than my usual sprue-cutters. Those are Rebel Minis miniatures for scale.
 Pic above is one of the Proxie Model 15mm Corner Ruins. The minis are Eureka Dwarves I got from Eureka Miniatures USA. Another place with great minis for great prices. The skelly is Khurasan Minis (I think).

 Pic above shows a mix using the Proxie Models 15mm Corner ruins with some Ruined 15mm Brick Building pieces. The minis are Eureka.

 Pic above shows a couple of the 15mm Corner Ruins with a Splintered Light Miniatures Ogre mini. I love these Splintered Light Ogres, very nicely sculpted and detailed.
 Pic above is another ruin made from the Proxie Models 15mm Corner ruins and Ruined 15mm Brick Building pieces. The Elves are Eureka "Elves of the Lofty Spire" 18mm minis.
 Pic above shows another mixed Proxie Models ruins piece. The Orc is either Eureka or an old Khurasan.
Pic above is another of the Proxie Models 15mm Gothic Buildings. I love the stairway piece for the door. Minis are a Splintered Light Minis Ghoul (left) and an old Rebel

Minis Necromancer.

Once I get the buildings finished I will probably make a 2x2 foot board from pink foam with inscribed cobblestones.

Thanks for looking.