Sunday, January 30, 2011

15mm Sci Fi Fort

Hi, folks. This is a little 15mm sci-fi fort, sort of a forward base. When Combat Wombat Minis came out with his new Bullfrog Lander with pods, I remember thinking how those pods could be used to set-up a forward base. Landers swoop in, drop pods, engineers set up walls and there you go, forward base.

The walls were made from plaster castings in an Ikea ice cube tray, the corners, towers, walkways and gates were made with Hirst Arts sci-fi bricks. The corner turrets are Combat Wombat defense turrets. The temporary buildings of the base are a central Command bunker, and then groupings of the Command/Medic pods for use with the CW Atlas LSS transport vehicle, and the other buildings are the new pods for the Bullfrog Lander. The troops pictured are Rebel Minis Earth Force Marines.

The whole thing is based on a 1 foot square vinyl floor tile, which was sanded and flocked. The fort is sitting on one of the new Zuzzy Broken Blacktop terrain mats, Here's pics:

Pic above shows a view through the gate. A bullfrog Lander, having dropped it's pod, is preparing to take off. Earth Force Marines are manning the walls. The doors of the gate slide back into the towers forming the gateway.

Pic above shows a CW Heavy Grav Tank nosing through the gate. I designed the gate to be just wide enough to accomodate one heavy grav tank at a time.

Final pic is an aerial view from the lander that just took off. (ok, not really) It also gives a better view of the defense turrets. There's two Gun Turrets, an ATGM turret (right front) and a SLAM Turret in the left rear. These turrets are very nicely detailed and I think will make this base a tough nut to crack.

This is one of those projects I just had to do once I thought of it. It's very basic but I think the quality of the Combat Wombat sculpts saves it. Comments welcome and thanks for looking.


Saturday, January 29, 2011

Back to Bloggin

Hi, folks. I'm back to blogging. I started a new second job back in November and was able to pick up a bunch of shifts during winter break and on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. I ended up with a bunch of 6 or 7 day work weeks in a row, so didn't have much time for anything but work and sleep. Now the schedule has slowed down some and I actually got to work on some projects. Here's what's first in the pipeline:

Small 15mm forward base/fort: made from plaster castings from an Ikea ice cube tray, Hirst Arts bricks and crowned with Combat Wombat Miniatures Defense Turrets (scroll down about 1/3 of the page. I'm also using the Combat Wombat Command Bunker, Command/Medic pods and the new pods from the Bullfrog Lander for the base buildings.

Sorry no pics, yet, maybe tonight.

Thanks for looking,