Friday, November 26, 2010

15mm Orksis, Tanks, and Broken Blacktop mat

Hi, folks. I finally got around to painting my GZG Alien Mercs. I'm going to use them as Orks in Space for 15K (40K in 15mm) and other games. These are just beautiful minis that were a joy to paint. They deserved some nice vehicles and I decided to use some slightly converted WWII armor from Gaming Models 15mm Miniatures. These are very nice models at a great price, and I have gotten great service from Craig. Each of my orders have come quickly, and carefully packed in custom cut foam. With Craig's help I chose some early Russian and British tanks and did some minor conversions on some of the guns, with a basic paint job of red with yellow dags, a gunmetal drybrush and a black wash. Then I did some work on my new Wounded City Broken Blacktop mat from Zuzzy. I have another Zuzzy mat which I really like so when I saw the new Wounded City Broken Blacktop mat, I had to get one. I got the 2x2 foot one for some 15mm modern and near future gaming. It has some great detail and I was really pleased with it.
GZG Alien Mercs/Orksis

Pics below show the Gaming Models 15mm Russian T-35s I'm using for Orksis Heavy tanks. I replaced the main gun on both with a gun barrel from a Matchbox Battle Kings cannon. These tanks are huge for 15mm at 4 inches long and have 5 turrets.

Pic below shows the 3 tank types together for size comparison.

Pic below shows one of the Gaming Models British Churchill VII tanks I'm using for an Orksis medium tank. I replaced it's gun with a portion of an EM4 Space Ranger heavy weapon.

Another medium tank with a main gun made from part of the nib of a ballpoint pen.

2 pics below show the Gaming Models British A13 tanks I'm using as light tanks. I replaced their main gun with a portion of am EM4 Space Ranger heavy weapon.

Next 3 Pics below shows a repainted Matchbox Battle Kings APC.

Here's some shots of the Zuzzy Broken Blacktop Latex mat.

Here's a couple of 1/72 Bravo Team APCs. 1st is an M113 I repainted in urban camo. The 2nd is a Stryker which is unchaged from the box.

Well, that's it for now. I have several projects going at once. Some 28mm and 15mm Firefly-type minis, and some 15mm Sci-Fi buildings made from Hirst Arts Sci Fi bricks and also some 15mm Sci Fi buildings made from electrical boxes. As always, thanks for looking.



The Angry Lurker said...

Love the barrels on those tanks.Excellent stuff you have painted there.

dis said...

Great job on those tanks - will try using those russian ones in my ork army too, thanks for inspiration!

Wes said...

Dear Lucky Joe,

You are a jerk, how dare you copy my idea of creating an ork army in 15mm, and then beat me to the tanks. You should have your fingers removed, in the most pain full way!!!!


For real now awsome work!!!!! I would like to add one suggestion, pick up some Shia Khan from 15mmuk as they make great Blood Axe boyz.
I will be getting some of the tanks from that web site soon as well. I also have a few converted hotwheels (remove the bottom, and make a new body from plasticard).

Great work.

Luckyjoe said...

Hi, Angry. Thanks. Those EM4 heavy weapons worked out well for 15mm vehicle guns, and the big barrels came out better than I expected. :)

Hi, Dis. Thanks, Gaming Models makes some great vehicles and for only $4 you can't go wrong.

Hi, Noel. Sorry, man. Don't hurt me. :) I admit I blatantly stole the idea of the 15mm Orksis from you. It's just too cool an idea for one man. :) And thanks very much. Looking at your Praetorian Guard got me started on my Orksis. I do have about 50 Shia Khan waiting to go also.

Unknown said...

You done GOOD done REAL Good!
Now when I finish my Glertch...
I'm going to have to send you a gang.

Luckyjoe said...

Thanks, Borther Joseph. That Glertch lloks sweet!

Kull said...

What is "Bravo Team"?

Luckyjoe said...

@Kull: Bravo Team is a brand name. It used to be Valor Force. The Bravo Team models have less detail, but are still pretty nice.