Friday, September 17, 2010

Combat Zone Troopers and Clix Gangers

Hi, everybody. I did a little more work on my Combat Zone project. Painted up my first squad for Combat Zone and finished some Clix Gangers. Here's some pics:

Pic above shows my plastic Troopers. 2 were basic without conversions. The 1st and 3rd from the left are conversions.

The pic above shows a side view the same squad. It shows that I actually removed the mold lines this time. :) Thanks to OrdinaryBass from TMP for the tip that I could remove the mold lines even though I had already base-coated them. I went back and removed mold lines from 25 Troopers. They do look a lot better and it didn't even take that long.

Pic above shows the Clix Gangers with 1 Last Night on Earth Mini (the Nurse). This is prior to a MinWax dip for the HC minis.

The pic above shows the HC minis post dip. I think this is one of the best results I ever got with the dip. I'm tempted to try the dip on the Troopers.

Thanks for looking.


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