Friday, September 3, 2010

Rhino Comparison pics

Hi, folks. I had a request for comparison pics of the Bravo Team 1/72 scale M113 with an actual GW Rhino, so here they are.

Bravo Team M113 (blue) in foreground

It was a busy day today.

I did a little work on the second Bravo Team M113 this afternoon. Got it's plasticard side panels mostly done. Need to place a hatch on one side and to paint the panels. With the detachable gun I'll be able to field one Razorback and one Rhino, or two Rhinos. (I haven't made the second Razorback gun yet.) Also, I recently ordered some turrets from Old Crow for a not-Predator and not-Whirlwind. I'm looking forward to trying those out. Thanks to Erraticassassin from TMP for the tip about the Old Crow turrets.

I also picked up an IMEX City Police Playset from Hobby Lobby with a nice little plastic M113 which is almost the same size as a GW Rhino. That's going to come in handy for my sons' GW Space Marine and Chaos Space Marine armies, and at $5.99 it's a lot cheaper than a GW Rhino. Just needs a little converting. Thanks to Coabeous from TMP for the tip about the police M113. I'll be posting some pics of that coming up.

Also got my order from EM4 of their plastic Space troopers and Space Rangers and spent a little time assembling some and checking them out. After reading Germy's recent thread about the troopers on the Lead Adventure Forum I had went and ordered some. I'm glad I did. Very nice little minis, especially with the Command conversion kit and Heavy Weapons add-ons, and great value for the money. But I really love the Space Rangers, plastic power-armor troops who tower over the regular troopers, with a very nice assortment of weapons. They will feature here prominently soon.

Then I did a little work on some 15mm terrain. A small bunker, auto-gun tower, and a guard platform mainly from Hirst Arts. Assembled and primed, with a little start on painting. I'm going to try a primarily white pj, with detail in black. Pics up in a while.

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