Thursday, September 9, 2010

Some SF Terrain bitz

I've been working on some small Sci Fi terrain bitz for 15mm or 28mm, primarily using Hirst Arts components.

The pic below shows a little Command Post made from Hirst Arts Sci Molds, Starship Wall Mold and 1" floor tiles. To the right is a robo gunmount made from a couple of the gun pieces from the HA machinery mold mounted on a chair base from the same mold. That was then glued to an upright pylon piece from a CD stack. There are a couple of Blue Moon 15mm (18mm) Orion Republic Heavy Infantry troopers for scale.

Another shot of the Robo Gunmount. I'd had that CD pylon piece sitting around for a while and finally found a use for it. The pic below shows that this piece could also work for 28mm.

The pic above shows that bunker pictured earlier after a quick spray with Krylon Italian Sage.

The below pic shows some weapons crates and futuristic crates from the Hirst Arts Sci Fi Machinery mold with a couple of GW minis for scale. These can be used in our 28mm Hirst Arts Space Dungeon or for

Below are some weapon mounts for a guard platform. Two were made with parts of a Tamiya 50 cal. machine gun which were then pinned and mounted onto another Hirst Arts chair base. The other two were made with the same chair bases and with guns from the same HA molds. The 50 cal. based guns can swivel.

Next comes a couple of shots of a WIP 15mm guard platform. It was made using the door topper pieces from the HA Starship wall molds set back to back for pillars. The platform itself came from a plastic insert from a box containing a 1/72 scale tank. It was part of the packaging and was intended to keep the thin cardboard box from collapsing. Fortunately, I never throw anything anyway, but what scratchbuilder does? :) The 15mm Blue Moon Orion Republic Heavy Infantry minis are standing on a piece of 7 mesh black granny grate which was drybrushed with gunmetal, and then silver. As you can see there is ample room for parking their not-Rhino under the platform. I need a few more details and touch up the paint job. Why I went with the black and white paint job, I don't know now :).

Here's a couple more WIP pics of the Guard Platform. Pic below shows the granny grate flooring of the platform and some of the detail bitz added to the sides of the platform walls.

Pic below shows a couple of 28mm EM4 plastic troopers with the platform. I've been trying to make terrain pieces that can be used for both scales.

I'll probably make another one of these platforms in the Italian Sage color. Here's an initial look with some more pillars.

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