Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Some 15K Not Space Marine Conversions

Hi, folks. Finally got around to making a few conversions for my 15K Not Space Marine army. These guys are Blue Moon 15mm Orion Republic Heavy Infantry. I had been planning to add a powerfist to one of the helmet-less figures. I had bought some of the GZG Alien Mercs, initially to raid for the powerfist I wanted, but after getting them and seeing them IRL, I couldn't bring myself to mess them up that way. So now I've got another 20 Not-Space Orks, which coupled with my 50 Shia Khan from 15mm.co.uk, is growing into a respectable little force. Anyway, here's some more pics of the 15K Not-Space Marine command types.

Pic on the left is the mini type I used for the other conversions. I chose him because he has a free left hand, and is not wearing a helmet.

Pic below shows a not-Chaplain, not-Captain, and not-Librarian

These conversions were very basic. I simply drilled through the left hands and inserted a short piece of wire for the Chaplain's "crozius", a longer wire for the Librarian's staff, and a sword for the Captain.

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