Saturday, September 4, 2010

EM4 Plastic Troopers size comparison with GW

GW Ork, EM4 Trooper, and GW Space Marine.

Hi, folks. A little back-story about this post. I mentioned in a previous post that I had just gotten my order of plastic Troopers and Space Rangers from EM4. I had seen a post from Germy on Lead Adventure Forum here a while back about these minis. I followed it to his website where there are some excellent articles, including a very nice article on painting these EM4 Troopers, along with some excellent terrain articles. if you've never been there, give yourself a treat and check it out. Germy also recently started a nice new review site for charity, here. Another great site to visit, and maybe help someone out at the same time. Anyway, that's what occasioned the order, I thought the EM4 Troopers were very nice looking minis at an excellent price. I mentioned them in a thread on TMP and had a request from a fellow TMPer to post a size comparison pic showing GW figs with EM4 Troopers. So here we are. :)

After reading Germy's write up I went to the EM4 site and ordered 3 five-packs of the plastic Troopers at GBP 2.50 per pack. I messed up and forgot to get the Heavy Weapons Troopers (GBP 3.95 for 5), Command Conversion kit (GBP 3.95 for 10 differently equipped arms and 5 more troopers), and Space Rangers (GBP 2.50 for 5) with that order. So I e-mailed EM4 and they very graciously allowed me to add those to my initial order so I could save on shipping. I was very pleased with the excellent customer servce and am equally pleased with the outstanding quality of the minis.

GW Catachan Jungle Fighter and EM4 Trooper. As you can see, the EM4 Trooper is much more realistically proportioned than the GW figure.

Here's one of the basic Trooper squads. I like these minis a lot. One of their best features for me is that they snap together. That way you can check how you like the pose before you glue it, and unsnap it if you don't like it and change it.

Next (below) is the Heavy Weapons. I haven't assembled them, yet, just pictured them with the Troopers. EM4 offers you the option of buying the Heavy Weapons (which are metal) either with 5 Troopers (GBP 3.95), or separately with just the 5 metal weapons w/o Troopers (GBP 2.00). I went for the option with the 5 Troopers. As you can see the metal weapons are awesome.

Next is the command conversion kit. Sold either separately (GBP 2.00) or with 5 more Troopers (GBP 3.95). Once again, I went for the added value of the 5 additional Troopers. You can swap out the arms from the conventional Troopers to "to make officer/nco figures from the basic plastic Troopers set. Possible arms are pointing, carrying pistols, SMG's, medikit, comms link, grenade."

Next pic is a selection of alternative metal torsos. I think those are part of the Command Conversion kit but I don't see them on the website. Or maybe they were just a nice little surprise gift from EM4. Whatever the source I really like them, and think they will add some good variety.

Next article I want to show you some of the EM4 Space Rangers, which I discovered incidentally while buying the Troopers. Thanks for looking,



cartmic said...

Hi, I'm really enjoying your blog,
I was originally interested in seeing your 15mm 40k, then seeing that you got some em4 miniatures I'm going to bookmark it and check back often. Em4 have some great miniatures and not recognised enough; though I'm bias as I play with the troopers and gangers in CombatZone also sold by em4 :)

Luckyjoe said...

Cool, thanks. I'm glad you like it. I agree about EM4 being underappreciated. I saw some very nice stuff on their website and just ordered some more Space Rangers and the Combat Zone rules. Maybe you can give me some tips on Comabt Zone as we start playing.