Thursday, September 9, 2010

Update on the EM4 Plastic Troopers

Pic Above shows basic Trooper Squad assembled and primed with Krylon Italian Sage.

Here's a little update on my EM4 Plastic Troopers. I assembled and glued the Command conversion kit squad, the heavy weapons squad, and 5 of the basic troopers. I had to do a little bit of a conversion for one of the Command squad guys because I had inadvertently been sent 6 right arms and 4 left arms and so had to come up with another left arm. That was not a problem because you end up with an extra set of the basic arms when you buy the Command Conversion kit and heavy weapons guys with the troopers, instead of just buying the metal arms by themselves. Anyway, I took one of the left arms holding a knife from the basic set, and cut off the hand at the wrist and attached a hand and pistol from a Heroclix mini. Then I sprayed painted those 15 guys. I'm thinking I'll keep the paint jobs basic so I sprayed them with Krylon Italian Sage Satin spray paint. I had used that color on some terrain in the past, and like it's vaguely military look. I'm planning on giving these guys a black magic wash, and some highlighting with some lighter greens. Also thinking of swapping out some of the rifle with some Heroclix weapons. Anyway, here's a few WIP pics.

Pic below shows the basic troopers backs with backpacks attached

The pic below shows the assembled command conversion kit minis with metal torsos after spray priming.

The last pic (below) shows the heavy weapon kit guys. I really like these heavy weapons. They're very detailed and nicely modelled.

That's all I have for now. I'm hoping that by blogging this project it'll help keep me on track. I still have 10 more of the basic troopers left, and I intend to mess around with converting them using different weapons; both Heroclix and GW, and changing poses a bit as well.

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