Friday, September 17, 2010

Imex M113 Not Chaos Rhino Conversion

Hi, folks. A little update on the Imex M113 to not-Rhino conversion. Here's a link to the previous thread if you hadn't seen it before.

I showed my 13 year old son Mark what I had been doing and he got really interested. He asked if we could get another Imex M113 so he could make a not Chaos Space Marine Rhino. We went to Hobby Lobby where I had gotten the first one but they were all out of the playsets with the M113s. Long story short Mark took over the conversion job. :) I had only completed one side, Mark finished off the rest, turning a not-Space Marine Rhino over to Chaos in the process.

Same pic below but I wanted to point out some of Mark's ideas. He added some Khorne emblems. He printed them out after googling, glued the print-out to a piece of cereal card, cut it out with an exacto blade and attached it to the build. He added a WFB Chaos standard bearer emblem onto the front hatch, then added the spiky bits made from cocktail skewers I had picked up a couple of years ago from our local Outback. No, I didn't have that many cocktails, :) the waitress hooked me up. Then he added other chaos bits and a bolter near the hatch.

I'm really proud of the job he did. Not bad for a first conversion.
Well that's all for now. I'll post another update when he paints it. Thanks for looking.


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