Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Converting an Imex Police Playset M113 to a not-Rhino Update

Hi, folks. This is a continuation of an earlier post. I've been working on converting an IMEX Police Playset M113 APC I got from Hobby Lobby to a 28mm scale not-Rhino for my boys for Warhammer 40K. It's a nice lttle soft plastic M113 with a lot of potential for conversion. So far I've only done one side. Here's what I've got so far. I added a piece of cereal box card to the side. Then added the hatch doors to each side. Added a piece of popsicle stick under the door for a step. Then I added a smokestack made from a piece of wooden dowel. I drilled the dowel to add detail to the smokestack and a piece of curved wire for an exhaust pipe. Then framed the hatch with matchsticks, added cardstock over the matchsticks with rivets made using a 1mm punch and cereal card. Added a couple of rhomboid shaped panels made from cereal card and balsa backed with screen wire for vents. Spray-primed with Rustoleum white primer.
Here's some pics:

Pic above shows the conversion after a white spray prime.

Added the bottom section with wheels and tread to show height. One of my 11 year old son David's WIP GW Eldar for size comparison.

The shot above shows the WIP not-Rhino with an EM4 plastic Trooper conversion. His left arm was cut away from his pistol, leaving him pointing with his index finger.

That's all I have on this conversion now. I need to repeat the same process for the other side and work on the front. The top and back I intend to leave as they are. Once again, thanks for looking and C&C welcome.



Steven said...

Love it. It's actually pretty convincing.

Luckyjoe said...

Thanks. I'm enjoying the process. It's pretty simple so it doesn't tax my limited modelling skills, just a little tedious and time consuming. But since I'm doing it for my boys I don't mind.