Saturday, September 4, 2010

EM4 Space Rangers

Squad with heavy weapons

Hi, everybody. I wanted to show some of the EM4 Space Rangers I recently got. I had never seen nor heard of them before, but I'm really glad I found them. These are very nice sculpts, in plastic, which only cost GBP 2.50 for 5 big minis with additional weapons. EM4's website says "Space Rangers Ref: SFP4
Set of 5 miniatures, 1 leader and 4 troopers. Snap together, interchangeable weapons. Includes choice of personal weapons and heavy weapons so that a standard squad, heavy weapons squad or mixed squad can be formed. Bases included."

I love the way these guys look, I love the snap-together design, I love the fact that you get such a nice variety of weapons, and I especially love the price. :)

Pic below shows Space Ranger Squad with Leader and squad with personal weapons

Pic below is a size comparison shot with an EM4 Trooper, EM4 Space Ranger and a GW Space Marine. As you can see, the Space Ranger dwarfs the Trooper but is comparable in size with the Space Marine.

Another size comparison showing the Space Ranger Leader with a GW Ork.

A size comp showing the Space Ranger Leader with an HorrorClix Alien.

I can't wait to paint these bad-boys up! Once again, thanks for looking, and as always, C&C welcome.


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Thank you for the comparison!